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September 27, 2011


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Okay, so I tallied up the votes and it's a straight draw between all of them bar the mucha princess ¬___¬;; Lol! I've got quite a bit to draw then haha! I'll be getting started on that soon. I've already partly sketched out the FMA fanart, and an original samurai piece. Hopefully they'll be done soonish.

Another thing... slightly random. Anyone else notice how frickin' terrifying fairy tales can be sometimes? I know the large majority of fairy tales were written in a time where strong religious values were upheld and society in general was very strict, so there's lots of... 'you must be good or else!' vibes going on. But seriously.

Examples? I was terrified by 'The Red Shoes' as a child. Anyone ever heard of it? To put it shortly, it's about a very vain litte girl who tricks her adoptive mother into buying her some lovely red shoes. She neglects her duty to go to church and attends a party instead. But when she begins to dance, she can't stop. She dances through the countryside, day and night, through wind, snow and rain, while being dragged through bambles that tear her skin until she bleeds. Her adoptive mother dies, but she can't go to the funeral. She begs a woodsman to cut off her feet and he does so with an axe. Yet still her amputated feet continue to dance. Now on crutches, she attempts to return to church but the dancing shoes, amputated feet still inside, bar her way. She eventually gets in, but once inside she's so overhwlemed she dies.

Now, am I the only person who thinks this is a slightly messed up story to tell to CHILDREN?? The image of her amputated, bloody feet dancing through the woods TERRIFIED me. The thought of the woodsman chopping off her feet TERRIFIED me. Now I get the whole Catholic message it's getting across but sweet tap-dancing christ, did they have to scare everyone so bloody much in the process???

And of course there's everybody's favourite, 'The Little Mermaid'. Except Disney has a habit of Disnifiying everything so when I read the original story I was pretty grossed out. To mention a few: she gets her tongue cut out and commits suicide at the end! They keep repeating over and over again that MERMAIDS DON'T HAVE SOULS. Yeah, Disney, why didn't you include that little gem in the film, huh?

And let's not leave out Rumpelstiltskin, where at the end of this charming fairytale, the dwarf reaches such a fit of rage he tears himself in two and falls into the fires of hell. Yeah. Sleep well, kids! And don't ever buy shoes 'else I'll have to cut your damn feet off.

Before anyone says anything, no I don't scare easily, but I do find these fairytales disturbing. I did as a child and do today.

So tell me, which fairy tales did you find the most frightening? Or the weirdest, at least. I'm sure there's loads more! Leave a comment :-)
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irishgoddess1712 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012
how bout Snow White? in the story she was SEVEN! and it sa id nothing about her aging so... creepy much? And in the little raven the girl was still in arms (meaning she was a baby) when she got turned into a raven by her mom because she was misbehaving. Way to go mom. and then it doesn't say much about the passage of time so we don't really know how old she was when she got married. But even in the Disney Snow White, she's way too young for that prince. and the age of consent when Snow white was originally written was seven and when the movie came out i think it was like 16 or something. so yeah, there's load's of pedofilia going on in fairy tales. oh and beauty and the beast the original novel was a romance novel! it was rewritten by another person, Madame le Prince de Beaumont, to be a kid's story.
Aurdae Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2011
EEK! Maybe I should find out where all these scary fairytale versions come from.

So I can AVOID them! ;)
pukkafish Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011
The Hunchback of notre damns pretty scary. Even in the disney version the scary demon priest lusts over the gypsy girl 0_o Gah!
le-yuns Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011
I also read that in The Little Mermaid, her legs are actually her tail sliced in two. Lovely.

I actually have a book with all those old stories in their original versions, and most of them are pretty messed up. Then some are just plain useless and wtf inducing, haha. I only heard the story about the little red shoes when I was a slightly older kid so it wasn't /as/ terrifying, but it was still freaking scary to me. Do not buy red shoes, red shoes are evil. =p

I think not all these stories are like that because of religion. Most are just ways of teaching people, not only kids, how to be safe and stay away from dangerous paths, and some were probably written for entertainment (I imagine an adult's entertainment, not a child's) and ended up becoming lighter with time so that the younger ones could enjoy as well. Not to mention back then the notion of childhood wasn't like today, so they probably didn't care so much about not traumatizing anyone. xD
Hannah-Alexander Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't remember the tail part; that's gross! I remember that every time she walked it was like she was treading on 1000 knives. And I always found it sad that the prince never showed any interest in her. Didn't she kill herself because he married someone else?

No, I just said to someone else that I agree, they don't all stem from religion! Some are folklore and others, especially eastern fairy tales, are there just to teach.
le-yuns Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011
Yeah, it's pretty messed up. From what I remember, she saved him but he didn't see her and ended up thinking it was this other girl, who he fell in love with. By the time the mermaid got her legs he was already in love with the other girl, so she didn't really stand a chance. The deal she made though required that the prince loved her, otherwise she'd die, so her sisters made a deal themselves to save her, and in order for her not to die she'd have to kill the prince. She couldn't bring herself to do it, so she killed herself and turned into seafoam instead. The prince then realizes what she did and why she did it and goes emo or something. =p

It's nice though, finding out all the different origins of those stories. Even if they're creepy as hell. xD
Hannah-Alexander Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah yes that's right! I havent' read it for a while. I remember she turns to sea foam but I also remember her sisters lifting her into the air to become a sky maiden or something. So it's kind of a twisted happy ending.
le-yuns Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
I don't remember that part (nice teamwork, haha, each one remembers a bit at a time @_@), but it's kinda nice. Sure it would have been nicer if she hadn't died, but it's good that she gets her own happy ending, sort of.
Asagi-K-Kurosaki Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011  Professional Writer
I never liked Little Red Riding Hood (well the kid version) because of the axe-man slaughtering the wolf (the adult versions are fun though because of the werewolf aspect) also Sleeping Beauty, the non-Disney version I read was how she got raped TWICE, the first time she gave birth in her sleep, the second time she woke up during it o_o And my absolute "favirote" the original, German, Santa Claus; Santa Claus was originally an ogre, with a club, and trolls as helpers, on Christmas Eve they visit children, the ones who have been good and know the bible by heart (they're quizzed by Santa) will receive gifts of food and coal to burn to keep warm, wile the bad children or those who don't know the bible well enough will be decapitated and beaten by the trolls and eaten by the ogre Santa o_o Mm there are a couple I'm forgetting but those are off the top of my head... and I've never heard the Red Shoes story, interesting, what really interests me though is that not all horror-fairytales are Christian-based, some are based on other religions wile others are based off of simple folklore with no religious aspect, simply a moral, for example there was a story, I forget the name, about a man who kills a snake and puts it in the king's soup, the king eats the soup and doesn't die by the snake's poisen, wich frustrates the man who wished to kill him, later the king REWARDS him for making the new delicacy of snake-soup and gives him tons of money, a castle, and allows him to marry his daughter, but after the wedding, depending on the version, either the wife/princess turns into a snake/basilisk/reptilian monster and eats him, or he goes outside for the wedding and is killed by the same kind of snake, moral? Don't try to kill people or karma will ill you instead :D I personally adore Japanese fairytales because they aren't so much of the death/gorey/be good or else aspect, but the Japanese folklore that's used was actually to help people rather than to scare children, for example, stories of the shapeshifter brides, a man finds a young woman alone in the rain or on the side of the road one day and decides to help her, after a wile they fall in love and get married, the wife's only wish is that when she leaves during the night the husband NEVER follows her, however one night his curiosity overcomes him and he follows her outside, depending on the variation he either finds a raven, a fox, a fox-woman, or really any kind of animal or animal-humanoid waiting for him, the next morning his wife is gone never to be seen again, moral? Trust your partner, come true on your promises, don't let curiosity get the best of you, and you never know who you're married to ;) Stories like these actually provide life lessons instead of just scaring people :D Ah but I talk too much xD
Hannah-Alexander Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, no you're right, they don't all stem from Christian beliefs! I was thinking primarily of Hans Chritian Anderson and the Victorian fairy tales. I find a lot of those stem from folklore too, though, like you say! I enjoy eastern stories too, because they're often beautifully told and have very good morals to them. You've def made me want to illustrate one of those!
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