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How Disney Effects People's Lives

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 8, 2016, 2:35 AM

It's only as I grow older that I appreciate how each individual Disney character influences and shapes people's lives. It's actually a huge responsibility resting on Disney's shoulders. It's important. They are shaping the way kids think and treat people and view others that will effect them way into adulthood.

This is the comment I chose to win my giveaway:

'I relate to Elsa so much it hurts. My little sis is exactly like Anna and I've always tried to protect her and make sure she's safe, even though I don't show how much I love her the way I should. To me, Elsa means knowing how to love yourself and how to come to terms with your flaws, always striving to be better and to make those around you feel protected and loved.' - aozul27

This struck a chord with me in particular as I have a younger sister whom I always want to love and protect, even if I don't show it sometimes. This comment also made me think more about Elsa's character, and how she reflects many people in this age, who choose to lock themselves away from the people they love. Only in the last few years have I realised that this isn't the way to be. People can disappear in an instance (as Elsa discovered) so we should all make the most of the people we love, and also learn to accept our individualism.

Disney has created a world and characters that we can connect to, relate to and learn from. And that's awesome.

Please take the time to read a few comments that struck a note with me! There were so many awesome and inspiring stories, so I'm sorry I can't share them all! Comments are below :) And feel free to share your stories too!

' I love Mulan! Actually, scratch that, I think of her as a role model. She struggled with her sense of identity, and put it all aside in order to keep her father safe. In doing so she challenged gender stereotypes, yet kept true to herself, and showed the younger me that with a strong moral compass and willpower, I can do anything. She is one of the many sources of motivation pushing me to pursue a PhD and work to change the world for the better.' - freckled.hands

'[...]if I had to choose one it would be Esmerelda. I remember watching the movie as a child and being amazed by this very different hero/princess. She wasn't wealthy or royalty, she didn't end that way either. She was a common girl. I loved how she was so confident in herself. She KNOW'S she's sexy/beautiful and a talented performer, and she embraces it, she uses it to help her earn money. But she uses her head and strength to fight for what's right not just for her or her people, but others as well. She has so much love and kindness it amazed me as a child and still to me this day. I hope I have her confidence and strength one day.' - dudeitsberenice

'My favourite Disney heroine is Mulan. The journey she's making in the movie represents my life so well. When I was little I didnt really understand the meaning in Disney movies, but now that I'm older I have really started to get the meaning of every Disney movie, so when I watched Mulan some years ago I noticed that I could relate to her so much. I've gone through some difficulties in my life and there is one line she says that I can relate to really well, when she says "maybe i did this for myself so I could prove to myself that I can make things right, so that when I looked in the mirror I would see someone worth while, but I was wrong, I see nothing". I recognize myself in this because all my life I have fought with my self esteem after beeing bullied alot, I looked in the mirror and saw nothing, and even though I got bullied I never changed to be someone else for anyone else, ive always tried to just be myself. And that has really been my sword in this fight, that ive never given up on my personality! Even though my self esteem about my body were terrible I never gave up on just being ME! So Mulan is my hero because she shows that no matter what difficulties you face in life, you can always fight through them and make it! It will get better and you will be happy again!' -neellee

'Oddly enough, one of my favorite Disney princesses is Cinderella. She's a strong yet underrated character. She's a girl who's been through the ringer in life and still can manage to sing and hope and dream. She's a girl who got her happy ending despite her circumstances. Regardless of the magic used to get there, she earned it in a way. 
That's why I like her. She's hard working, industrious, kind, gentle, and knows what she wants. Even if it is to be fabulous for an evening. (Plus, she's a seamstress. So bonus points.)' - narnianswardobe

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Hello, I love you work ^^ this is not a random comment to get you following me back. I just fall in love with your draws, specially the art noveau style ones. My friends and I were looking for inspiration for a new cosplay, we wanted to disney and see your draws. I am just wondering if you would mind that we make a cosplay ver. of your disney princess.. ^^

I don't even know if you would read this but well, amazing work. Do you have those prints to buy? I saw the ones more similar to "Mucha", but I mean the ones without background, only the costume.

Keep drawing :)
Hannah-Alexander Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's no problem. You can buy prints from my Etsy store:
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OMG I love your work!
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Good luck, and I hope you'll have a great birthday today!
Also wishing you keep up the good work on more of all awesome digital art 'n drawings than nature photography updates; I love 'em! ;) (Wink) Heart
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Since I wouldn't have been able to do some birthday muro drawings, I got you three extra drawing copies, so...
Believe it or not, three birthday muro drawing copies I made, of birthday feet, chibi Haruhi Suzumiya, and Mikuru Asahina wishing you one, so, wishes 'n' luck!
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(( Happy b day! :iconpintplz:))
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